Ironing Services in Harlington Welcomed by Busy Families

Ironing Services in Harlington
Ironing Services in Harlington Welcomed by Busy Families

Ironing Services in Harlington | Ironing Collection Service 

“There’s nothing worse than getting to nine, or ten o’clock and knowing there’s still a pile of ironing to face before bedtime.”

That’s the story we hear again and again from our busy customers; it’s important to them to have freshly-ironed clothes throughout the week, but daily commutes, busy schedules, or family responsibilities mean that those precious hours before bedtime become the repository for household chores. We all need time to relax and rejuvenate, which is why we started our local ironing services across Bedfordshire . We know how difficult it is to juggle home, family, and work, so we provide a helping hand with our ironing collection service, allowing our customers to chill out for a few hours each week.

How do Ironing Services in Harlington Work? Ironing Services in Harlington

We’ve made it easy here at The Linen Basket, and we’ve made it work around your schedule. There are no contracts to sign, no minimum weekly load; you use our local ironing services when you need them. It all starts with a text or a phone call, telling us when you’d like us to pick up your ironing. We don’t do standard office hours because we know that won’t work for many of our customers. We will pick up at your convenience. And it gets better! Our ironing collection service is free to our customers in Bedfordshire, all you pay for is the ironing. Our van driver will weigh your ironing on pick-up, so you’ll know what the cost of the ironing is. You will then be asked to specify a drop-off time – again, at your convenience – the next day. Our turnaround time is normally 24 hours but if you have an urgent job for us, we’ll do our best to accommodate it. Finally, the result! Your freshly laundered delivery will arrive on hangers and protectively wrapped in polythene.

Ironing Services in Harlington Make Time for the Important Things

The Linen Basket Ironing Services LogoWe love what we do, and part of our reward is the value placed on our local ironing services by our customer. It’s not just the professionalism of work, it’s the time they gain to spend with the kids, over dinner, or catching up with friends. If you’re feeling in need of a bit of TLC, give us a ring and start by treating yourself to an hour, or two, off!

If you’re looking for Ironing Services in Harlington, let The Linen Basket take the pressure off! Call now on 01582 257094 or Call / text 07775 515212