Ironing Services in Luton Take the Pressure Off Busy Families

Ironing Services Luton
Ironing Services in Luton Take the Pressure Off Busy Families

Luton Ironing Services | Ironing Collection Service for Luton

Ironing is a chore, let’s face it – but waking up to a wardrobe full of freshly ironed clothes is a pleasure many households are loathe to lose. Many of our customers in Luton tell us that life seems to get busier every year, and that it gets more and more difficult to fit in the weekly ironing, and spend time with the kids, and retain a social life… We set up The Linen Basket in order to take the pressure off families and busy households who find themselves making difficult decisions about how to manage their time, without compromising on the quality of their domestic pleasures.

How Can Ironing Services in Luton Help?

Ironing Services in Luton

Quite simply, we can manage your ironing for you. Whether you want your weekly wash ironed and returned at the same time every week, or you need ironing done on a more ad hoc basis, or you just want to use our shirt ironing service, we will collect and deliver your ironing when you need it, at your convenience. All you have to do is to call or text us to arrange for our free ironing collection service to pick up your clothes at a time that suits you. Your ironing will be weighed so that you know the cost of the service and delivery will be scheduled at your convenience. Ironing is normally returned within 24 hours. We place your freshly ironed clothes on hangers and return them in protective polythene wrapping. What could be simpler?


A Local Ironing Service Lending a Hand

We aim to provide ironing services in Luton that are there when they are needed and provide help instantly when required. Our regular customers know that if they’re asked to take a business trip abroad at short notice, we will ensure that their suitcase is full of freshly ironed clothes – whatever the turnaround time. We can also arrange for proxy pick-ups from elderly, or disabled relatives – we even have parents who ask us to collect from their son or daughter’s Halls of Residence at Uni! There are numerous ways in which our ironing collection service can help – ironing piles can be a thing of the past in the time it takes you to pick up your phone!

If you’re looking for Ironing Services in Luton, let The Linen Basket take the pressure off! Call now on 01582 257094 or Call / text 07775 515212