The Linen Basket provides Professional Ironing Services in Redbourn

Ironing Services in Redbourn
The Linen Basket provides Professional Ironing Services in Redbourn

Ironing Services in Redbourn | Ironing Collection Service Hertfordshire

Redbourn is a small, picturesque village lying between St Albans and Harpenden. There’s been a settlement on this site since Saxon times although the presence nearly of what is thought to be the of site of an Iron Age fort shows that it has historic roots reaching back even earlier. These tiny settlements, which grew to be villages, are now rural havens for commuters working in London. Where once families would have lived and worked together, travelling only a few miles from their home throughout their lifetime, the contemporary family can clock up hundreds of miles in the course of a week.

Modern Families Need Ironing Services in Redbourn

Professional Ironing Services in Redbourn

Whilst many aspects of our lives have changed, the desire to provide a happy, stable home for our children, and share down-time with friends and family remains a constant. When working means a daily commute, this can be a difficult balance to maintain, which is why we were inspired to create The Linen Basket a few years ago. We’d heard from countless families that they found it a terrific pressure to maintain their homes the way they wanted, whilst spending eight or nine hours away working each day. Ironing was something of a tipping point; yes, we all love freshly laundered clothes, but what if there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

An Ironing Business That Adapts to Your Needs

The Linen Basket gives you back those hours spent at the ironing board, to do with as you please. We offer a range of professional ironing services which are easy to access, contract-free, and work around your busy schedule.

We know that ironing services in Redbourn need to be simple, and adaptable. So you just call us, or text us, when you need some ironing done and we’ll collect at your convenience. Our ironing collection service is free, and there’s no limit to how small or large your ironing bundle. The driver will weigh your ironing on collection, inform you of the price, and arrange a suitable time for delivery. We normally have a 24-hour turnaround, so within a day your washing is transformed and your ironing arrives professionally laundered and packaged.

You know what we love most about our work at The Linen Basket? The smiles that greet us each time we deliver on our promise, and take the pressure off hard-working families!

If you’re looking for Ironing Services in Redbourn, let The Linen Basket take the pressure off! Call now on 01582 257094 or Call / text 07775 515212