Holiday Ironing and Folding Service in Bedfordshire

Holiday Ironing and Folding Service in Bedfordshire
Holiday Ironing and Folding Service in Bedfordshire

The Linen Basket Helps Busy Families Relax With Their Holiday Ironing and Folding Service in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas

Going on holiday is supposed to be fun, a time to kick back and relax with the family, but it it’s all too easy to forget that in the week leading up to departure date! At The Linen Basket we’re always looking for ways to support busy professionals and families by removing the everyday hassle of ironing, so we offer a simple but highly effective stress-buster for the frantic pre-holiday period: We will pick up your washing, iron and fold it, and return it to your door ready to pack in your suitcase. If you wish to supply your suitcase we can even pack it for you for no extra charge.

How Does the Holiday Ironing and Folding Service Work?

All you have to do is call or text us to arrange a convenient time for us to pick up your washing. We’re happy to collect at any time during the day or in the evening if it’s more convenient to you. There’s no preparation involved, except to pop your washing in laundry bags or black bags for our driver to load. Your washing will be weighed when we pick it up so you’ll know exactly how much the ironing and folding service will cost, and then you leave the rest to us! We aim to return your ironing within 24 hours – although we can offer a same-day service if you’re really up against it – and we will arrange the best time to deliver your ironing back to wrapped in polythene protective covers.

A Service to Make You Smile

Once customers have experienced our holiday ironing and folding service it tends to become one of the pre-vacation essentials. One busy mum told us that unwrapping the beautifully ironed and folded clothes to put them in the suitcase made her feel that at last she could start to relax and look forward to her holiday; and a busy sales executive noted that have a professional ironing service she could rely on took the hassle out of her frequent business trips.

And the cost of this service?

You will only pay an additional £5.00 on top of the normal ironing rate which is calculated by weight and has a minimum order charge of 7kg for £24.00. We are able to collect and deliver your ironing for free if you live in Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire, and pick-up and drop-off is organised around your busy schedule.

So next time you feel the pressure piling on as holidays approach, pick up the phone, give us a ring and take the hassle out of packing. Call now on 01582 257094 or Call / text 07775 515212